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Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera


The Aeryon Scout thermal imaging payload is the lightest completely-digital gimbaled thermal camera available. With the ability of thermal imagers to see in the dark, the Scout outfitted with this payload is perfect for night-time tactical surveillance.

When connected to the system, this module gathers mechanically and digitally stabilized real-time MPEG-4 video. This video is both stored on the aircraft and transmitted to the ground station in real-time.

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FLIR Camera Brochure

FLIR.pdf 56.58 KB 25/09/2012 23:00:00 Download

Sample FLIR Images

01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png 05.png 06.png 07.png 08.png 09.png 10.png 2012-07-16-flight_005-002.jpg

Sample FLIR Video

Common Features of Scout Integrated Payloads


Extreme Reliability

Ruggedized and weather-sealed gimbalprovides dependable operation in wet, sandy, or humid environments, extreme temperatures, and in sustained winds of up to 50KM/hour

Dynamic Control

Precise Click-to-Aim™ camera control and the ability to easily adjust settings while airborne (exposure, ISO, zoom and more) improves operator effectiveness and gathered imagery
gis aerial

GIS-Ready Imagery

Embedded geotags and meta data enable precise geolocation and use of industry standard tools for post-processing into stitched images, map overlays, 3D models, and more

All-Digital Network

Optional encrypted transmission protects against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously streaming multicast video to multiple devices in the secure network


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