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Drone sales rising and so is the controversy

This story features how the Michigan State Police agency has created a statewide UAS program and is currently waiting for an operational certificate of authorization (COA) to be able to use the technology for search and rescue missions, barricaded gunmen, even natural disaster damage assessments.

The following is an except from the complete story:


Eyes in the Sky

The Aeryon Scout is featured in this story about how police and fire service organizations benefit from using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in a variety of public safety applications and how they plan to use them in the future.

To view the video, click here. (Time: 4 mins 12 secs)

[Source: CTV Barrie]


Michigan State Police create UAS program with Aeryon SkyRanger

The Michigan State Police have chosen the Aeryon SkyRanger, small unmanned aerial system (sUAS), as the state-wide unmanned aircraft system (UAS) standard.

“It’s such a new technology that we believe it can enhance law enforcement in several different areas,” said First Lieutenant Chris Bush, commander field support and aviation section, Michigan State Police special operations division. “We’ll probably start out with some search and rescue calls, tactical calls and we’re looking at doing some mapping on our critical infrastructure in the state.”

The MSP is currently operating under a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration training certificate of authorization (COA) to train officers in a number of public safety scenarios, said Aeryon Labs Inc., developers of the SkyRanger. “The goal of the UAS program is to enable officers to operate the Aeryon SkyRanger in applications such as critical incident and natural disaster response, search and rescue, traffic accident reconstruction, as well as scene photography,” the company said.


Special Coverage: UAS: Disruption in the Skies

Aeryon Labs is featured in this article written by Susan Smith, GIS Cafe. The following is an excerpt:

The Aircraft

There are two types of UAVs available – fixed wing and multi-rotor. Fixed wing aircraft are generally better for collecting data from large areas, while multi-rotor are better for small areas.


Drones Could Be The Next Big Tool For Fighting Wildfires

The Aeryon Scout is featured during an outdoor demonstration at a Colorado Fire Chief's Conference, this week. The benefits of using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in fire safety and management were highlighted during this segment on CBS Denver.

Watch the complete segment here.

[Source: CBS Denver]

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