AutoGrid™ Aerial Mapping for GIS

AutoGrid™ Aerial Mapping for GIS

Many industries use aerial photographic mapping to provide both overview images and details of specific features. Typically these images are collected using a highly specialized camera mounted on a manned aircraft or by satellite.  In either case, traditional methods are quite expensive and often out of date. In this mission summary, the Scout is used to map a large parcel of land and provide 2.5 cm accurate images.

Mission Description

A site plan of a compound was required for planning, inpsection and marketing purposes. Detail beyond that provided by satellite was required, and due to recent changes, all available aerial photography was out of date.  The region covered an area of approximately 50 acres, and a resolution of 2.5 cm/pixel was required.

Use Details

The Scout was setup on the west side of the property and configured for the operation in less than 5 minutes. Using the Scout’s AutoGrid™ functionality, a gridded waypoint path was automatically created based on the survey parameters. The user defined a number of variables for the survey such as:

  • Desired ground sample distance (pixel size)
  • Desired overlap of imagery
  • Region of interest
  • Etc.

Based on these user inputs, the AutoGrid™ function ensures images provide the desired amount of coverage, which is essential for GIS Mapping or Search & Rescue operations.  It automatically calculates:

  • Optimal flight path
  • Flight altitude
  • Flight speed
  • Time between photographs
  • Etc.

This flight plan was then uploaded to the Scout and it commenced operation. The entire flight only required 12 minutes to capture the 56 images used to cover the 50 acre area. After the mission, the images were stitched together automatically using commerically available software. Each image contains geotag information that is used by the GIS system to determine where and when the images were taken and the specific target of each image.

Mission Facts

  • Ground covered: 50 acres
  • Ground sample distance/pixel size: 2.5 cm
  • Total prep time: 5 minutes
  • Total flight time: 12 minutes
  • Pictures gathered: 56
  • Output: 875 Megapixels